Perseid Meteor Shower 2016

  Coming up this week is one of my favorite astronomical events of the year: the Perseid meteor shower. Hundreds or thousands of meteors will streak across the sky on the most active […]

Lake Sugema, Iowa, United States

Name of Site: Lake Sugema Is Camping Allowed? Yes, on the southeast side of the lake. Entrance Fee? No Description: There are quite a few parking lots you can observe from scattered around […]

How To See the Milky Way

There are few views as awe-inspiring as seeing the milky way from a dark site. If someone unfamiliar with it sees a picture of the milky way without a terrestrial reference […]

Reading Aurora Charts

What Causes the Aurora? This is only a brief description. As the sun rotates on its axis, it generates an interplanetary magnetic field (IMF). The solar wind carries the IMF […]

Welcome I created this website for those who are interested in finding a dark place to observe the night sky or do astrophotography. Almost every astronomical object or phenomena is […]