Light Pollution Maps

Use the full screen maps on these pages to help you leave the light pollution behind and find a dark place to see the night sky. Every map is searchable. The easiest way to find directions to a site is to zoom in very close. Then click the Google logo on the bottom left. You can get directions from the page that pops up.

Keep in mind that most of these maps use old light pollution data. It may no longer be accurate in some areas. Remember that the biggest source of light pollution is the moon. For the darkest skies, head out when the moon is not up.

United States Maps

The light pollution maps below of the United States use data from 2001. They were recalculated by Dave Lorenz to subtract the effects of a reflective snow cover. That is why some locations show less light pollution compared to the 1996-1997 maps.


Other Continents

These light pollution maps are based on data from 1996-1997. Click your continent below to see a map.

world map europe central asia east asia north america south america africa australia