Open the worldwide light pollution map


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This worldwide light pollution map is new and improved. Here are a few of the new features:

  • It’s more up-to-date using data from 2006 instead of 2001
  • The page loads faster and is more mobile friendly
  • The light pollution map covers the globe on one page instead of being split up into several pages
  • Use the slider to adjust the opacity of the overlay
  • Use the ‘Locate Me’ button to zoom in on your current location based on your IP address or GPS
  • If the screen gets too cluttered (more likely on a mobile device) then click ‘Hide Boxes’ for a simplified view of the map.


Note: The easiest way to get directions to a site is to zoom in closely, then click the Google logo on the bottom left. This will open up a new window of Google Maps, where you can click ‘Directions’ to find out how to get there.

Keep in mind that the light pollution data in this map is still 10 years old and may have changed. Also check to see if the moon phase is favorable before heading out to darker skies.

A special thank you to David Lorenz for updating the original light pollution map with data from 2006.