How To See Fireflies

The heavy air cools off slowly while a thunderstorm recedes into the distance. The first stars appear in the blue twilight sky. A green light blinks on the ground before […]

When is Milky Way Season?

I’ve been asked a lot about when exactly the milky way is visible. So I made this infographic to illustrate the progression of milky way season throughout the year. It […]

Quadrantid Meteor Shower

Just a few days into the new year is the first astronomical event of 2019. The Quadrantid meteor shower is expected to light up the night sky with shooting stars. […]

How to Photograph a Meteor Shower

Shooting stars are unpredictable and may appear anywhere in the sky. For this reason meteor photography is all about maximizing your chances for the best shot at capturing that elusive […]

Geminid Meteor Shower

A Geminid meteor above the Montana Rockies in 2017 [Buy Photo] The Geminid meteor shower is consistently the best one of the year. With a zenithal hourly rate (ZHR) of […]