Welcome to Dark Site Finder. This website was born out of my own search for dark, starry skies. Growing up under the widespread light pollution of Southern California and Chicagoland, I never got to see the Milky Way until I was an adult. Often I wondered if the pictures I saw and stargazing descriptions I read about were even real. 80% of Americans have never gazed upon our home galaxy either. But though harder to find than it used to be, dark skies do still exist. A night under thousands of stars is something that everyone should get to experience at least once (if not regularly). Whether it’s with a camera, a telescope, or just the naked eye, it’s always worth the effort to travel and see. Experiencing a meteor shower, a rare comet, or the northern lights inspires feelings of awe and gratitude, allows you to temporarily forget about the world’s problems, and gives you a new perspective on life.

Light Pollution Map

The main feature of this website is the light pollution map, which has recently been updated with data from 2022. Use it to escape the artificial skyglow and find dark skies near you.

Dark Sites

Even with the map, it’s not always easy finding a spot that’s safe, open all night, with clear horizons, and no streetlights nearby. That’s where the dark sites listing comes in. Sometimes it’s better to know what to expect before you drive somewhere remote to go stargazing.


Also on this website are various blog posts about stargazing, photography, and astronomical events.

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