Spruce Knob, West Virginia, United States

Color Zone: Light Gray
Is Camping Allowed? at Seneca Rocks nearby
Entrance Fee? No
Description: At 4,863 feet above sea level, Spruce Knob is West Virginia’s highest peak. From this rugged alpine peak, you can view grassy openings and pastures or look down on forested ridges as far as the eye can see. Spruce Knob Tower – A stone and steel observation tower sits atop the Knob, providing visitors with a vantage point from which to enjoy a 360 degree view. The half-mile Whispering Spruce Trail circles the knob and provides panoramic views. Interpretive signs along the gentle, graveled trail describe the high country vegetation, geology and animal life. Vault toilets, picnic tables, grills and vehicle parking complete the facilities available at the tower.

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  1. I shoot at Spruce Knob often and it is quite a magical place. I have witnessed many meteor showers there, and it was also my first time seeing the Milky Way with my naked eye. There are two notable locations to shoot and observe at. Spruce Knob Lake and Spruce Knob tower. At the tower, you will have 360º open sky views. Here the Allegheny Mountains can be seen in the distance. If you head down towards the lake, you will find the skies to be a tad darker. With the sounds of the nocturnal wildlife filling your ear, you will find this to be quite a peaceful location. Please remember to be respectful of any people, wildlife, and nature you encounter. Spruce Knob can be popular in the summer months, as it is known for a great spot to camp. There are bear proof trash receptacles on site, please abide by leave no trace principles.


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